On Catalogue Card for duplicate print P.950.ACH1: “Malu (phonograph) Mer.”

A group of elderly men seated on a mat around a phonograph, one, Gasu, is playing the curved hourglass shaped drum, Wasikor. One man, Ulai, is positioned in front of the machine, a European, Charles Myers, is kneeling behind the phonograph looking at Ulai. Behind this group are a number of women, children and men looking on. [Jude Philp 26/5/1999, from record N.23209.ACH2, JD 5/5/2011]


Oceania Australasia; Australia; Torres Strait; Mer

Cultural Affliation

Torres Strait Islander

Named Person

Ulai; Charles Myers; Gasu


Wilkin, Anthony

Collector / Expedition

Haddon, Alfred Cort [Cambridge University Anthropological Expedition to the Torres Straits, 1898 - 1899]


29 July 1898

Collection Name

Unmounted Haddon Collection


Haddon, Alfred Cort (Dr)


Print Black & White

Primary Documentation

Other Information

The print was found in envelope now marked C46/2/2/. This envelope was found in drawer 2 of the green cabinet. The entire cabinet was previously numbered as “batch 146” and is now re-numbered C46/ by the transcriber.

C46/2/ contained prints mostly from the 1898 expedition to the Torres Strait, and some duplicate prints from 1888. Information on specific images are to be found in the Reports.

Bibliographical Reference: Myers wrote chapters on music, song and dance for the Reports. See IV: 238-269 for songs from Murray Island. Several songs relating to the Malu-Bomai ceremonies are included (p244). These recordings are now in the National Film and Sound Archive. [Jude Philp 26/5/1999]

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