Interior of the drawing room in the British Residency in Gangtok, where the Williamsons lived during Frederick's posting as Political Officer. The room contains a mantlepiece and fireplace, wall hanging, chintz armchair and curtain. On the walls there shields and pictures on display and above the fireplace there is a water carrier made from a tusk (possibly in the MAA collection). [Rebekah Hodgkinson 16/06/2021]

On Cech’s list describing print P.97319.WIL:
“(Photos 16-61 were taken in and around Gangtok)
54. “Peggy's photos of the Residency, Gangtok, Spring 1934”
54i. “Drawing room”. Above the fireplace there is an assortment of tea-pots, a statue, a dril-bu bell, a mar-me lamp. Higher up there is a horn container and above that a Bhutanese shield (“dali”), sword (“patang-ben”) and helmet (“cham-sham”). There are than-ka paintings on the walls.
See MPOW: 52, 137-145 for a description of the residency and life therein.” [printed text]


S Asia; India; Sikkim; Gangtok

Cultural Affliation

Named Person


Williamson, Margaret

Collector / Expedition


March - May 1934

Collection Name

Williamson Collection


Williamson, Margaret


Print Black & White

Primary Documentation

Other Information

P.147762.WIL - P.147806.WIL were located in an Army & Navy Stores envelope, now numbered C903/1/56.

Publication: Similar image published in 'Margaret D. Williamson, Memoirs of a Political Officer's Wife in Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan (Wisdom Publications, 1987)', between p. 32 and p.33, and captioned: "Interior of the Residency." [RH 16/06/2021]

Publication: Image published in MAA's Digital Lab blog 'Tea and the Margaret Williamson Collection', 25 April 2023, and captioned: "Figure 1. Interior of the drawing room in the British Residency in Gangtok, Sikkim. Photographed and donated by Margaret Williamson in 1934. MAA P.147778.WIL." [Source:, JD 11/07/2023]

Related Object: The Water carrier? above the dresser could now be in the care of the MAA, reference D 1976.89 - 'Container - Water carrier made from tusk, decorated in silver and gold." [Rebekah Hodgkinson 16/06/2021]


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