“Levuka (Cath. church, &c) (looking towards Nasova, &c” [von Hugel’s caption].

F.H. Dufty photograph of Levuka looking southwards over Wilson’s builders yard and W.H. Surplice & Co, the auctioneers and commission agents, on past the Royal Hotel and Roman Catholic church, showing weather-board buildings, a few thatched, most with zinc or shingled roofing. Nasova and Government House lie just round the point in the background. Circa 1875-1876. [Fergus Clunie, 14/7/2003]


Oceania Polynesia; Fiji; Ovalau Island; Levuka

Cultural Affliation

Named Person


Dufty, Francis Herbert (Dufty Brothers, Levuka)

Collector / Expedition

von Hügel, Anatole (Baron)


circa 1875 - 1876

Collection Name

von Hügel Collection


von Hügel, Anatole (Baron)


Print Black & White Mounted

Primary Documentation

Other Information

P.100051.VH to P.100076.VH were in the belted folder now numbered C539/4/. This was formerly kept in paper archive Large Box G; VH1/4/5. It has now been transferred to the photo archive. The lists describing the contents of this box have been returned to the Paper Archive.

Date: The catholic church in Levuka was built in 1858. [Source: Levuka History and Timeline,, JD 16/4/2008]

Related Image: This commercial photograph appears more than once in the MAA Collections. There is no original negative. [JD 1/2/2012]

This print has been catalogued with the support of the Getty Grant Fund. [A. Nadin, 14/10/2003]


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