On Cech’s list describing prints:
“F. W. became Political Officer in Sikkim on January 4th, 1933.
(Photos 135-147 were taken on leave taking and on the approach to Tibet Mpow: 77-78)
137. “Farewells above Shap-je thang (Tobgye’s photo). Norbhu, Peggy, Tennant, FW, Maharaja”
See gi: Shap-je thang
See ww: Norbhu, Tennant, Maharaja of bhutan
Sitting down to a farewell cup of tea (MPOW: 78).” [printed text]
For more information see Cech’s list.


S Asia; Bhutan; Shap-je thang

Cultural Affliation

Named Person

Bahadur Norbhu Dhondup; Margaret Williamson (Peggy); Captain David Tennant; Frederick Williamson; Maharaja of Bhutan



Collector / Expedition


26 July 1933

Collection Name

Williamson Collection


Williamson, Margaret


Print Black & White

Primary Documentation

Other Information

Publication: Image published in MAA's Digital Lab blog 'A Ceremonial Cup of Tea', 20 June 2023, and captioned: "Figures 7 and 8. Right – Margaret and Frederick Williamson having farewell tea with Captain David Tennant and Jigme Wangchuck, the Maharajah of Bhutan (on the table) and Bahadur Norbhu Dhondup (seated on the mat) before leaving Bhutan and approaching Tibet. Photographed by Raja Sonam Tobgye Dorji. MAA P.87166.WIL. Donated by Margaret Williamson. Williamson Collection." [Source:, JD 10/07/2023]

The transcription of this album by Mark Turin and Sara Shneiderman was carried out with reference to Krystina Cech’s catalogue list alone. Alex Nadin has since revised their cataloguing by systematically matching their records to the images. Margaret Williamson’s handwritten captions for photographs have now been transcribed into the Inscription field, and Cech’s descriptions appear in the Description field. Correct entries for Place, Named Person and Other Nos. have also been entered by Alex Nadin. [Sudeshna Guha 29/10/2002]


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