Thatched structure with decoratively painted relief patterned walls in forest clearing.


W Africa; ?Nigeria

Cultural Affliation

Named Person


Thomas, Northcote Whitridge

Collector / Expedition


1909 - 1913

Collection Name

Northcote Thomas Collection


Thomas, Northcote Whitridge


Print Black & White; Panoramic

Primary Documentation

Other Information

This panoramic print was previously stored in a drawer. The cataloguer has marked the drawer C72/ and bundle in which this print was kept C72/7/. There were a number of panoramic photographic prints in this bundle. Likely to be associated with an old envelope found in C72/ bearing inscriptions about panoramic photographs of N. W. T. (See Archive Refence)

No Blench and Alexander catalogue record for this photographic print.

Place: The Place field was previously recorded as being “Africa; West Africa”, but Northcote Thomas worked in Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and also Australia. The Museum primarily has Thomas’ photographs from Nigeria, and this has been provisionally added to the Place field. [JD 28/7/2009]

Context: These prints are made from a 7 x 2 1/4" panoramic negative, most probably from Northcote Thomas using a No.1 Panoram Kodak Camera, introduced in 1900 and discontinued in 1926. The No. 1 Panoram Kodak, manufactured by Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, New York USA , made panoramic views covering a 112 degree angle on size 105 roll film.  Each exposure measures 2 1/4 x 7 inches.  This wide angle photograph is created by a lens that swings through a 180 degree arc. [Source:, JD 20/09/2019]


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