Accession No

Z 13119


Flat brass bracelet closed with a link. The decoration is similar on each side, but more elaborate on one.


Africa; West Africa; Nigeria; South Nigeria; Edo State; Okpe



Thomas, Northcote Whitridge [field collector]; Bevan, Anthony Ashley (Prof.) [monetary donor]



Reference Numbers

Z 13119; 1795 (Thomas Collection Number - 1st Catalogue); 1910-13; T.10.1493 (written on object)

Cultural Affliation

Edo; Okpe


Metal; Brass

Local Term


80mm x 85mm


Context (Related Documents)
'1910-13 T.10.1493' has been crossed through on the catalogue card
Event Date 2000
Author: Benjamina Dadzie

Description (Physical description)
Flat brass bracelet closed with a link. The decoration is similar on each side, but more elaborate on one.
Event Date 15/9/2000
Author: maa

Context (CMS Context)
'See E 1910.118 and E 1913.3 records for further details about the Thomas Collection from Nigeria'.
Event Date 7/5/2001
Author: maa

Description (CMS Description)
Very flat bracelet, square outer rim. Brass, profusely decorated on the corners. Twisted segments in between the corners. Not completely round, possible to be extended. Locked with a ring, near two brass spirals. Linear designs across bracelet. Outer edges of corners are serrated /indented in two cases, the other two ‘corners’ are rounded off. Similar to Z 12923, Z12864B, Z 12838 and Z 12837. Information provided by Dr Ohioma Pogoson, Honorary Curator of the Museum of the Institute for African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. November 2012.
Event Date 11/2012
Author: maa

Context (Acquisition Details)
Collected by Northcote W. Thomas in Edo State, Okpe town. The inhabitants belong to the Edo ethnic group, and also identify themselves further as Okpe people. The language they speak is also referred to as Okpe. See Blench, R. M., 1995. The Work of N.W. Thomas as Government Anthropologist in Nigeria. The Nigerian Field, 60, pp.29.
Purchased using money from Prof. A.A. Bevan’s subscription to the Museum’s Accessions Fund.

Event Date 4/12/2012
Author: Remke van der Velden

Description (Labels & Markings)
The accession number is marked on the object.
Event Date 17/12/2021
Author: Benjamina Dadzie


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